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Facebook launches Blueprint training and certification program for brands and marketers.

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Is your brand’s Facebook strategy right? How to make your Facebook ads reach the right target? If you are wondering about those things, afraid not. Now Facebook launches Blueprint training and certification program for brands and marketers.

Blueprint is a new education program that trains agencies, partners and marketers on how to use Facebook, so they can create better campaigns that drive business results. Combining online courses, in-person training and certification, Blueprint offers training on everything from campaign optimization and how to use video on Facebook to effective ad measurement solutions.

The foundation of Blueprint is its eLearning center, which features over 35 online courses and has tracks organized by category, such as direct response marketing, as well as tracks designed for specific roles, such as digital buying. Blueprint eLearning easily integrates with other learning and development programs and offers reporting to track progress and results.

The Blueprint eLearning center is available in English on desktop and mobile to anyone with a Facebook account. Later this year Blueprint will expand to other languages.




Learn How: Education for small businesses and new marketers
For small businesses and marketers new to Facebook, they are introducing Learn How, an online learning center that helps businesses do more with Facebook Pages and Ads. Using videos, images and step-by-step instructions, Learn How offers marketers answers to frequently asked questions, like how to create a Page or how to create a Custom Audience.
The Learn How content is organized to be flexible: you can use it cover a topic in-depth, or as a reference library to cover questions as they come up.
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